Minnetonka Counseling offers comprehensive psychological, psychoeducation, and neurocognitive assessments for: 

·        Children (ages 6-12)

·        Adolescents (ages 13-17)

·        Adults & Elderly (ages 18-90)

Assessments are conducted using a variety of means to gather information relevant to the presenting question or concern.  The goals of psychological assessments are to:  identify and clarify any specific difficulties; explain how a person is affected; and provide guidance for how a person can be helped well.  We strive to provide comprehensive and helpful answers to the particular question or concern a client or parent wishes to address. 

Types of Assessments provided:

·        Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment

·        Learning Disabilities Evaluation

·        Psychoeducation Assessment

·        Gifted & Private School Admission Testing

·        Social Security and Disabilities Assessment (Self- and DHS-Referred)

·        Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

·        Cognitive Abilities

·        Memory and Dementia

·        Personality & Functioning Assessment

·        Geriatric Assessments


What’s included in the assessment:

We believe in continued, thorough, and collaborative care.  As such, all assessments include the following services:

·        Clinical interview.  Depending on the type of assessment, this can involve:  client, parent(s); caregiver(s); school, etc.

·        Records Review

·        Administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests

·        Feedback and Consultation.  Again, this depends on the type of assessment.  We provide collaboration with schools, caregivers, etc. to ensure recommendations and needed services are tailored to you/your loved one’s needs.


Cost and Insurance:

The cost of an assessment will vary depending on the type of assessment and the number of a tests administered.  An assessment can range from $450 to $2500.  Most insurance companies to do not cover psychological testing, and if they do, they are likely to only pay a portion of the costs.  We will work with you and your insurance company to determine the amount covered. 

We also understand that most people do not have the ability to pay this cost is full.  Remember, our number one goal is to provide the answers to bettering you and your loved one’s live. As such, we have flexible no-interest payment plans if you are unable to cover the costs. 


Contact Bret Schneider, PsyD, LP for appointments or questions at 651-356-2756, or bret.schneider@schneiderpsychservices.com